Discography - Albums

A1 No Work Today
A2 Rose Red
A3 Wily Old Bachelor
A4 Rendezvous
A5 Snafu Jig
A6 Never Come Back
A7 Three Drummers
B1 Guns Of Love
B2 Lubyanka Stomp
B3 B2 (Live)
B4 Gates Of Heaven
B5 Johnny Stopped The Tide
Released 1986

A1 So Here We Are
A2 Downtown Birkenhead
A3 Who Killed New Brighton?
A4 Welcome To Hillview Heights
A5 The Art Of Rape
A6 The Reap Of Art
B1 Wine Bar Man
B2 A Scouse Werewolf In London
B3 No Place To Run
B4 The Mushie Picker Boogie
B5 I Am The Trendiest Man Who Never Got Into Atmosphere
Released 1986



1. Busy Little Market Town (CD/cassette only)
2. God Gave Us Life
3. Fuckin’ ‘Ell It’s Fred Titmus
4. Sealclubbing
5. 99% Of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd
6. Time Flies By (When You’re A Driver Of A Train)
7. I Hate Nerys Hughes (From The Heart)
8. The Len Ganley Stance
9. Venus In Flares
10. I Love You Because (You Look Like Jim Reeves)
11. Reflections In A Flat
12. I Left My Heart In Papworth General (CD/cassette only)
13. Architecture, Morality, Ted And Alice (CD only)
14. Albert Hammond Bootleg (CD only)
15. 1966 And All That (CD only)
16. The Trumpton Riots (CD only)
17. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit (CD only)
*Tracks 13-15 on the CD are from the original Trumpton Riots EP; 
**tracks 16-17 are from the original Trumpton Riots 7” single.
 Released 1985

A1 Bomb Sutra
A2 Burton Buzz
A3 Lice Age
B1 Scaffold
B2 40 Nights
B3 Bugs Bunny Bendy Toy
Released 1986

A1 Prologue 
A2 Dancing Child 
A3 Actors Warning 
A4 Innocence 
A5 Daylight-Nightmares 
A6 It’s No Show 
A7 ‘Til Victory
B1 Trilogy 
B2 Oceanic Explorers 
B3 Ruth Ellis 
B4 Blue Million Miles Written-By – Don Van Vliet
B5 Bus
Released 1984