Discography - Albums


A1 Moon
A2 Surf’s Up Turnip Down
A3 Lazy Eye
A4 Dumb Design
B1 Elephant Head
B2 King
B3 Carrion
B4 Amoeba
Released 1987

A1 Salford Rumble
A2 Dear John
A3 Did You Really?
A4 Foreign Animals
A5 Kelly’s Tractor
A6 Only Our Rivers
B1 Lie So Well
B2 Some Day
B3 Eh La!
B4 Be Yourself

A1 Dance
A2 Carrion
A3 Him
B1 Kill
B2 Caress
B3 Turkey Shop
Released 1987

A1 Kill, Kill, Kill, For Inner Peace
A2 Obeying The Law
A3 St. Albans
A4 Blathering Out
A5 Run D.M.T.
B1 Iron Man
B2 Doom Patrol
B3 666 Squadron
B4 When Girls Ruled The World
B5 Life Vs. Filth
B6 Blue Cheer
Released 1987


A1 Come Holy Spirit
A2 Tales From Europe
A3 The Miller
A4 De Profundis
A5 Singing Ringing Tree
B1 Beauty After The Fall
B2 The Dream (Awakening Of A Child’s Mind)
B3 Lament (Ashes In The Water)
B4 Transfiguration
B5 Communion
Released 1987