Discography - Albums


A1 Dilyn Dylan  
A2 Dyn Gwiail  
A3 Pethau Piws  
A4 Mynegai Mynor  
A5 Chwildroin Gam  
A6 Y Dyn Blin  
B1 Weithiau…  
B2 Amhersain  
B3 Esgob Mawr  
B4 Blodyn Tatws  
B5 Llosg Llech
B6 Fictorianaid
Released 1988
A1 Introduction
A2 Slough (The Quagmire Strikes Back)  
A3 Freedom Of The Press?  
A4 Livingstone Rap ‘88 (The Salamander Sandinista!)  
A5 Short Sharp Shock Identity Card Mergermania  
A6 Radio Rap!  
A7 Vegetables  
A8 Unification BBC  
A9 Rappin’ Mole! (??? ?????)  
A10 Fiddle Thrash 1  
A11 Tell Sid….  
A12 Andy Is A Corporatist  
A13 N-N-N-Nineteen (Selhurst Park Mix)  
A14 Love Poems: Rain  
A15 River Poem  
A16 On The Beach At Worthing  
A17 To Slough And Sanity  
A18 Bedtime  
A19 Grand Finale: Bogies From His Nose  
B1 Libyan Students From Hell  
B2 Ayatollah Wallah  
B3 The Spencer’s Croft Cat (Special 7th Anniversary ‘Still Dead’ Mix)  
B4 Airstrip One (Roots Version)  
B5 Echoes Of Rhodesia (Live In Berlin, GDR)  
B6 Fiddle Thrash 2  
B7 Factory Gods (An Atheist Gospel Song)  
B8 Outroduction  
B9 Fifth Column  
B10 World War Three  
B11 Forty Years
Released 1988



A1 Rake 'Em Down
A2 The Taker (1st Take)
A3 For You
A4 Down At The Space Rocketry
A5 Peace Chain
A6 In The Red
A7 Moon Bather
A8 Glad Rag (Instrumental)
B1 Crying Shame
B2 Too Proud To Start
B3 Pool Of Life (Instrumental)
B4 The Mansion On The Hill
B5 Precious Love
B6 Rockin' Out The Depression
B7 Talkin' Space Travel Blues
B8 Let's Go Home
Released 1988

A1Dead Cop  
B1Human God  
B2Ugly Thoughts  
B4Meat Slab / Holiest Image
Released 1988


A1 Made
A2 Respect
A3 Magenta Man
A4 Independence Day
A5 Dead Mans Hand
A6 Fraud Franchise
B1 Rattlesnake Waltz
B2 No Big Thing
B3 Hall Of Mirrors
B4 Ordinary Day
B5 No Smoke Without Desire
B6 End
Released 1988