Discography - Albums

A1 Cobbly Back Yard  
A2 Wood In Th’ Hole  
A3 Right On  
A4 Big Wednesday  
A5 Feed Me  
A6 Horses  
B1 Shandyland  
B2 Juvenile  
B3 No More  
B4 London’s Burning  
B5 Spirit Move  
B6 Big Bad Devil
Released 1991


A1 Outbreak Of Vitas Gerulaitis  
A2 Prag Vec At The Melkweg  
A3 Christian Rock Concert  
A4 Let’s Not  
A5 Yipps (My Baby Got The)  
B1 Hedley Verityesque  
B2 A Lilac Henry Quinn  
B3 Our Tune  
B4 Girlfriend’s Finished With Him  
B5 Everything’s A.O.R.
Released 1991

A1 Oh It’s Nothing  
A2 Sticks  
A3 What’s The Matter?  
A4 Don’t Matter At All  
A5 Home  
B1 Big Friday (F.O. Mix)  
B2 Warning Shadows  
B3 Somewhere  
B4 Love Thing Ha!  
B5 Clatter
B4 Nawfe
Released 1991

A1 Malltod  
A2 Hel Cnau  
A3 Gaeaf Yn Kragero  
A4 Pen Crwban  
A5 Cenedl Malwan  
B1 Corrach Cogfran  
B2 Cornwyd Pellaf  
B3 Pen Yn Y Nen  
Released 1990




A1 The Small Bitter Pin-Striped Fool  
A2 Love Wasn’t In The First Three  
A3 Old Jim  
A4 Friends Blessed With Mothers  
A5 Mr. Larkin  
A6 Yap Yap Yeah!  
A7 Guilt  
B1 You’ve Changed  
B2 Sugar Mother Shadow  
B3 Robert Patricia Abnormal (And Those Other Funny Quiffs)  
B4 Stretchlove  
B5 Fat Boys Eating Beetroots  
B6 The Crime Committed
Released 1990