Discography - Albums

A1 What’s My Name?
A2 Morning Till Midnight 
A3 Heaven 
A4 Hypo Man 
A5 Next Big Thing 
B1 Be Happy 
B2 Walking On Fire 
B3 Springtime
Released 1990

A1 Downing School
A2 Getta Grip
A3 Turn The Screw
B1 Fast Dream Spreading
B2 Move On
B3 In The Pit
Released 1989


A1 Angels
A2 Passiondale
A3 Stockton-On-Tees
A4 (I Wish I Was) American
A5 It’s Come Round To That Time Again
B1 Facing Up
B2 She’s Left The Village Green
B3 Sport
B4 Hoe-Town
B5 Friends In London
B6 Running Free On The T.G.V.
B7 Sophie’s Present
Released  1989


 A1 Mayfire Circles
A2 Memories Of An Atlantic Beach
A3 Silver And Grey
A4 Dreaming Of James Joyce And Virginia Woolf
A5 Serpent And The Bearded King
A6 Some Say The Devil Is Dead
B1 Like A Child
B2 The Lost Tribe Of England (Dedicated To All New Age Travellers)
B3 Jacks In The Green
B4 The Dorset 4 Hand Reel
B5 Not For Joe
B6 Song For Pym
B7 The Cajun Stomp
Released 1989


A1 Go
A2 The E Song 
A3 Debris 
B1 Can’t Touch Me 
B2 Imitation
Released 1989