Deranged nine piece Lovecraft proudly strut around Liverpool like a gang of unruly psychic bullies, laughing and swearing at clothes shop assistants, internet cafe proprietors, boring people and butchers alike, letting nothing stand in their way as they peddle their murderdelic prog-pop hymns in the name of cosmic bliss. 

Their music can sound like anything from 80’s space pop about doomed telepathic love to squelchy freakouts about consensual cannibalism, but it is always catchy. 

'Whistle & I'll Come To You, My Lad', their debut long-player (out May 30th on legendary label Probe Plus) sees them exploring every crevice of the musical stratosphere, channeling everything from The Stooges on 'One For The Furnace' to Jacques Brel on 'Baby Jeans', leading a wild Wicker Man style pagan procession through the forest on 'Vinegar Tom' and arriving at the haunting beauty of 'Little Bones', perhaps the sweetest song about infanticide ever written.