SONNENBERG – Biography

In 2004 I was queuing up for a flight from Liverpool heading to Berlin where the makers, musos and shakers of the music business were going to gather for POPCOM.

On board were well-known faces from the Liverpool music scene, like Dave Pichilingi and Geoff Davies (Probe Plus Records) as well as independent bands Marlowe and The Former Miss America.

On a mission to attract interest from a record label for a new collection of songs I had written and recorded in the previous two years, I went to and returned from Berlin without any immediate results.

About 6 months later Geoff Davies called me, invited me to meet up and I found myself in Geoff's and Anne's sitting room in an armchair right between two large 70's Hi-Fi speakers listening for the first time to Half Man Half Biscuit at a considerable volume whilst trying hard to get what Geoff was talking about in his broad Scouse accent.

In 2007 the first Sonnenberg album “fishing in the pool” was released followed by gigs in England Wales and Germany, Norway, Holland, Scotland and France.

Since then the band has gone through various formations for the second release “the end of the rain” and again for the latest album “ into the light”, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jon Whitnall within 5 and a half days.

Bringing in Eastern musical elements with Saul Hughes' tabla playing into Western orientated song writing with vocals and guitar adding the vocals of Vicky Rose Gouldon, the cello played by Nicole Collarbone as well as the viola by Merlyn Sturt we believe that we have created a unique sound that should leave the listener with a positive vibe.

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