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1. Busy Little Market Town (CD/cassette only)
2. God Gave Us Life
3. Fuckin’ ‘Ell It’s Fred Titmus
4. Sealclubbing
5. 99% Of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd
6. Time Flies By (When You’re A Driver Of A Train)
7. I Hate Nerys Hughes (From The Heart)
8. The Len Ganley Stance
9. Venus In Flares
10. I Love You Because (You Look Like Jim Reeves)
11. Reflections In A Flat
12. I Left My Heart In Papworth General (CD/cassette only)
13. Architecture, Morality, Ted And Alice (CD only)
14. Albert Hammond Bootleg (CD only)
15. 1966 And All That (CD only)
16. The Trumpton Riots (CD only)
17. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit (CD only)
*Tracks 13-15 on the CD are from the original Trumpton Riots EP; 
**tracks 16-17 are from the original Trumpton Riots 7” single.
 Released 1985